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Hi I've downloaded and installed Mellanox OFED (MLNX_OFED) IB is working fine but when I run mpirun test on single host I get error (mxm warn conflicting CPU frequencies detected) Please help to resolve this also. One more issue I'm facing with bundled openmpi with MLNX_OFED that's when I run ( ompi_info |grep gridengine) then I found nothing.

This post is Archived.   Note: Since MLNX-OS 3.4.3002 the license is embedded in the MLNX-OS software. ----   40GbE to 56GbE Ethernet switch license is free. In case you own Mellanox Ethernet Switch in the following models (or newer): SX1036 SX1024 SX1012 SX1400 SX1710   It is also applicable for the VPI switches enabled