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    NFS over RDMA on OEL 7.4


      Hello my configuration is simple OEL 7.4 two Mellanox ConnectX-3 VPI cards , SX1036 switch and two very Fast NVMe drives.

      So my problem is that I configured NFS over RDMA using Infiniband Support packages from OEL because OFED from Mellanox not support

      NFS over RDMA from version 3.4 + .

      Everything is working I can connect to server over RDMA and I can write/read from NFS server etc.  but I have a problem with performance .

      I done test on my stipe LV and fit shows me 900k IOPS and around 3,8 GB/s using 4k but when I do the same tests on NFS client I can't get more

      then 190k IOPS ? Problem is not the bandwidth because when I change the block size I can get even over 4GB/s but the problem seams to be number

      of IOPS delivered from server to client. 

      I am asking maybe somebody have idea ?? I already change size and size to 1m but without any performance benefits.

      My next steps will be configure Aggregation (LCAP) to see if it change something , now I'm using only one Port .