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    Why the very high MAXIMUM latency in UDP ping-pong test?


      I've set up a test system with two Dell R730 servers, each of them with a ConnectX-3 Pro NIC card and connected by a 40GE cable. I've followed the BIOS tuning for R730 (https://community.mellanox.com/docs/DOC-2631) and the VMA Performance Tuning Guide (https://community.mellanox.com/docs/DOC-2797) very carefully and made sure I understood everything I did. Then I run the VMA latency test with:

      sudo LD_PRELOAD=libvma.so VMA_SPEC=latency numactl --cpunodebind=1 taskset -c 33 sockperf sr -i


      sudo LD_PRELOAD=libvma.so VMA_SPEC=latency numactl --cpunodebind=1 taskset -c 33 sockperf pp -i -t 10


      I've checked that the NIC cards are in the right slot with 16x PCIE width and are in NUMA node #1. However, the test gives me a surprisingly high MAXIMUM latency of 160us while the average is only 1us:

      Test Result of UDP ping-pong with VMA

      sockperf: ---> <MAX> observation =  162.336

      sockperf: ---> percentile 99.999 =    6.488

      sockperf: ---> percentile 99.990 =    4.949

      sockperf: ---> percentile 99.900 =    2.099

      sockperf: ---> percentile 99.000 =    1.705

      sockperf: ---> percentile 90.000 =    1.409

      sockperf: ---> percentile 75.000 =    1.356

      sockperf: ---> percentile 50.000 =    1.179

      sockperf: ---> percentile 25.000 =    1.135

      sockperf: ---> <MIN> observation =    1.075


      So I was wondering what could be the cause of this very high worst case latency, and what could be done to reduce it. I've also done another test without VMA. While it gives me a higher average latency of 6us the worst case latency is not so bad:

      Test Result of UDP ping-pong without VMA

      sockperf: ---> <MAX> observation =   21.201

      sockperf: ---> percentile 99.999 =    9.604

      sockperf: ---> percentile 99.990 =    8.219

      sockperf: ---> percentile 99.900 =    7.626

      sockperf: ---> percentile 99.000 =    6.796

      sockperf: ---> percentile 90.000 =    6.318

      sockperf: ---> percentile 75.000 =    6.147

      sockperf: ---> percentile 50.000 =    5.937

      sockperf: ---> percentile 25.000 =    5.848

      sockperf: ---> <MIN> observation =    5.561


      So is this because of the VMA itself or there're something else to suspect? The OS I am using is Ubuntu 14.04 with low-latency kernel 3.17.


      Any advice is appreciated!




        • Re: Why the very high MAXIMUM latency in UDP ping-pong test?

          It may happen because of the some kind of warmup when sending first packets and you can see something similar happens when not using VMA.  What you really interested in is the average latency that is not shown in your output, but is it much smaller when VMA is not used.

          For better understanding, you might patch sockperf and VMA code and see when and where this latency is higher and finally find where time is spent.