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    sx1036 as IB-to IP gateway


      Hi there.

      Anyone having a clue on how many 10GbE ports, using all possibilities with fan-out cables, one could us on a SX1036 switch running a with the gateway option active?

      As far as I have understood it there will be 8 ports available for 40GbE and the rest for 56G IB. I have seen that when using fan-out cables, some ports will be disconnected. So my question is if there are any specific restrictions when using the gateway feature limiting the total number of available 10GbE ports.

      Regards, Ingvar

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          so, the answer is: with the right cables (40G to 4X10G) you can do that.

          with 1036 you can get to up to 64 10GE ports.


          work with this:



          as far as the above relationship with gateway functionality, at this point if you want to use gateway, you can only use ports 1-8 for Eth and the rest for IB. means, with splitter cables you can get now: 110Gb (2X4X10+3X10). all the rest are IB ports.



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              Thanks a lot for the very informative image. A short follow-up question:
              Is it so that the blocked ports are caused by using split cables?

              example: port 4 uses a 4*10G split cable so port 1 is blocked

              port 5 uses split cable, so port 6 gets blocked.


              If this is the case, port 7 is blocked because of a split cable in the IB part (port 9?) So if the port 9 is not splitted or un used, we could use the port 7 in the ethernet part as a 10G port? (without split cable)

              i.e. port 2 -10G , port 3 -10G, port 4 - split 4x10G, port 5- split 4x10G, port 8 - 10G, port 7 -?? (always blocked or can it be used for 10G)


              I'm just trying to figure out the absolute maximum number of 10G Ethernet  ports if used as an IB/Ether GW