• Can anybody provide steps on how to run RoCE over VXLAN ?

    Can anybody provide steps on how to run RoCE traffic over VXLAN in any linux OS ?
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  • Setting up FDR infiniband

    Hi , Please, i am a real beginner in Infiniband interconnect !, and need help please. I want to set up infiniband FDR over HPC cluster, I haven't yet order the parts, but i am thinking to the followings : Mellanox FD...
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  • Symbol Errors

    How to calculate Symbol Errors. I need the formula to calculate Symbol errors.   Any help?
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  • Let me know which os is stable for SB7800

    Hello   Recently delivered sb7800 to our customers.   The customer requested that the SB7800 OS be installed with the most stable version of OS and wants to be recommended by the vendor.   Please advise...
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  • how to create a topology file with the MSB7890 and 2 HCA card

    Hello , Mellanox Academy support team      I am on studying the Infiniband Fabric ,and I have problem on create the topology file on the MSB7890 and 2 HCA card connect to it ,but I don't know how ...
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    I am hosting an Infiniband server in a linux machine and also I have created a client and connected to that service in the same machine.This works fine most of the time. But in one instance when I was trying to connec...
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  • How can I add a timestamp in Roce?

    follow the manual. I used ibv_exp_query_device to query device capability, but I got  an error as follows.   ibv_exp_query_device: invalid comp_mask !!! (comp_mask = 0x30373839 valid_mask = 0x7fffff)  ...
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  • What are some good budget options for NICs and Switch?

    I have a limited budget, and I want to buy a high speed network interface cards and a switch to connect multiple PCs into a local network (just a couple of meters away from one another) for HPC research. Some of the ...
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  • mlx5_core enable hca failed, mlx5_load_one failed with error code -22

    I have two physical cards each with two ports but only one Physical card is getting enabled and getting following error on the dmesg   mlx5_core enable hca failed, mlx5_load_one failed with error code -22  ...
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  • Various ping programs segfaulting

    I have a build of rdma-core in kernel 4.17 using yocto for an Altera Arria10 with a dual-core A53 ARM processor.  The system is build and rxe configures correctly, i.e. I can rxe_cfg start, rxe_cfg add eth0 and i...
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  • rxe driver does not support kernel ABI

    Getting a small error when I try to do an rping test. I'm building rxe into kernel 4.16 and rdma-core using yocto on an Arria10 socfpga containing a dual core A53 ARM processor. I get the kernel modules and userland l...
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  • Yocto embedded build of rdma-core

    Greetings,   I'm working with an embedded build of the rdma-core code (and rdma-perftest but I'm not that far yet).  We're doing a cross build of the rdma-core code using yocto targeted at an Altera Arria10...
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  • configure connectx-3 to fdr

    Hi,   I have a Mellanox connect-3 card in plugged into a PCI-E 3 slot in my Supermicro motherboard with fibre plugged into it. It is only operating at 4xSDR, how do I force it to use FDR and preferably 56gig? It...
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  • How to run DHCP server on SB7700 InfiniBand switch

    Hello, I want to use DHCP to manage the  IPoIB IP numbers in our IB network. Managing static IPs gets to cumbersom. Ideally I want to run DHCP on the main IB switch SB7700 Mlnx-os 3.6.4006. So the questions are ...
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  • Maximum message size supported for multicast?

    I was testing out the example multicast application provided by mellanox in section 7.3 of their document: http://www.mellanox.com/related-docs/prod_software/RDMA_Aware_Programming_user_manual.pdf . I'm able to compil...
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  • How to install Mellanox Infiniband card and Intel Omni Path in  same server RHEL 7.3/7.4

    Hi Team,      I am having another doubt with is Possible to install and submit the job via both Mellanox Infiniband Card and Intel Omni path in same machine.   If its possible please share link ...
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  • How to install two Mellanox Infiniband card in RHEL 7.3/7.4

    Hi Team,   I have one doubt with how to install and configure 2 Mellanox Infiniband Card (mlx4_0 / 'mlx5_0). And configure configure ip in RHEL 7.3/7.4.   Please share any link or document its useful to ...
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  • about the function of verbs API ibv_exp_peer_commit_qp and ibv_exp_peer_peek_cq

    I ran into this two API recently when I browsed code from github but I never used before. I have found some explanation of these API in source code of libibverbs, but still feeled confused about the "descriptors" whi...
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  • Problem while running application on multiple nodes on SR-IOV enviroment using OpenMPI [Build from source]

    Problem while running application on multiple nodes on SR-IOV enviroment using OpenMPI [Build from source]   I'm using Mellanox 56G FDR with SRIOV on KVM virtualization, and I want to use the RDMA to communicate...
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  • RoCEv2 on Windows 7 using  ConnectX-3 Pro Ethernet adapter

    Hello, I'm trying to figure out how to use RoCEv2 (or v1, neither seems to work...) on Windows 7 using a ConnectX-3 Pro Ethernet Adapter and WinOF v5.35. I have enabled RoCEv2 and set the RoCEv2 Port to 4791 using t...
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