The 10th Annual OpenFabrics International Developer Workshop was held on March 30-April 2  and offered a multi-day event dedicated to the development and improvement of OpenFabrics Software (OFS).  This year's workshop theme was around "Disruptive Technology"; the pro's and the con's and how the software must be ready to adapt as we approach a new era in high performance computing.


The Workshop kicked off Sunday, March 30, with a keynote from Dr. Thomas Sterling, Executive Associate Director and Chief Scientist at CREST. Presentations began the following morning covering topics focused on I/O for Exascale systems and Enterprise applications and included interest areas such as distributed computing, storage and data access and data analysis applications.


The 2014 Workshop presentations are available from the OpenFabrics website.


The 2nd Annual IBUG Workshop was also held  at Monterey after the International Developer Workshop.

The annual IBUG Workshop was a 2-day event with sessions related to understanding, implementing, and administering OpenFabrics Software (OFS) and the underlying hardware. Bringing together users of InfiniBand, RoCE and all RDMA technologies bundled in the OpenFabrics Software suite, the IBUG provides them with a setting to talk together about the challenges and different opportunities using OFS.   A few of the topics for this year's event included, virtualization of IB, tuning MPI for IB, RDMA stacks and SMC-R/RoCE updates.


Look for the video's posted on InsideHPC in the near future.