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Mellanox presented at the 9th European LS-Dyna Users' Conference this year in Machester, UK, at the Manchester Central Convention Complex.


Darren J. Harkins, Senior Systems Engineer at Mellanox is presenting at the conference -  Sunday, June 2, 2013 - Tuesday, June 4, 2013. Mellanox Technologies was also a silver level sponsor for the event.   Experts from academia and industry, including Mellanox, presented their work to colleagues, and LS-DYNA developers talked about the latest software developments.  Mellanox presented the latest features and  information on the new Connect-IB™ InfiniBand product family, as well showed Connect-IB FDR InfiniBand demonstrating superior application performance running the LS-DYNA Benchmarks, the summary of the presentation is below :


  • Connect-IB FDR InfiniBand demonstrates superior LS-DYNA scalability performance, Up to 336% higher than 1GbE, and over 90% higher than 10GbE at 16 nodes
  • Connect-IB allows LS-DYNA to run at the highest network throughput at FDR rate and delivers ~20% higher system performance than QDR InfiniBand at 16 nodes, and the gap increases with system size
  • MPI tuning with SRQ provides better in scalability improvement
  • Speedup of 13% above the baseline at 28 nodes


Mellanox also submitted a white paper entitled “LS-DYNA Performance Optimizations via Connect-IB”, written by Pak Lui, Gilad Shainer and Brian Klaff.  The white paper covers the newest architecture from Mellanox called Connect-IB and the advantages of the newest transport service called Dynamically Connected Transport™ (DCT).  Click on the link above to download the LS-Dyna Performance Optimizations via Connect-IB whitepaper.