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If you are an OpenStack user or have customers with OpenStack deployments, please take 10 minutes to respond to our first User Survey or pass it along to your network. Our community has grown at an amazing rate in 2.5 years, and it’s time to better define our user base and requirements, so we can respond and advocate accordingly.


Below you’ll find a link and instructions to complete the User Survey by April 1, 2013. It takes 10 minutes. Doing so will help us better serve the OpenStack user community, facilitate communication and engagement among our users as well as uncover new OpenStack users that might be willing to tell their stories publicly.



All of the information you provide is confidential to the Foundation and will be aggregated anonymously unless you clearly indicate we can publish your organization’s logo and profile on the OpenStack User Stories page.


Make sure to tune in to the User Committee when they present the aggregate findings of this important survey at the OpenStack Summit, April 15-18, in Portland, OR. For those unable to attend, we’ll share the presentation and have a video of the session to view after the event.


Please help us promote the survey, and thank you again for your support!