Top 3 considerations for picking your BGP EVPN VXLAN infrastructure

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    The Mellanox team had the pleasure of discussing EVPN VXLAN at the Network Field Day session 17 held at Mellanox. To learn more, view the session recording. Below is our view of the top 3 considerations network operators should have before picking a solution:

    1. Network Virtualization Without the Fine Print

    ◊ Fine Prints to watch out for with other vendors:

    • VXLAN routing is supported BUT ONLY with loopback cables
    • ONLY symmetric VXLAN routing is supported
    • ONLY asymmetric VXLAN routing is supported
    • ONLY 10GbE product support VXLAN routing

    Mellanox Spectrum supports VXLAN routing in a single pass at 100/25GbE line rate. The solution supports both symmetric as well as asymmetric routing. Take a look at Ixia demonstrating VXLAN routing with IXNetwork and Mellanox Spectrum. Additionally, this solution works seamlessly with both RoCE (RDMA over Converged Ethernet) and TCP/IP traffic.

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