SN2000-Series Bridge to 10GBase-T (RJ45)

Version 5

    SN2000-Series Switches migrate 10GBase-T (RJ45) to SFP/QSFP28

    Use the SN2000-Series Switches to connect to more opportunities that require 10GbT Cat 6a/7 cables.

    SN2000-Series converts 10G SFP+/SFP28 to a 10GBase-T connection (RJ45) using a generic transceiver.



    Utilize existing copper cabling to efficiently connect

    1. 10GbT storage and appliances within the rack
    2. Switch-to-Switch between 10GbT and modern data center fabrics of SFP/QSFP



    Supported Switches

    All SN2000-Series support SFP-10GbT transceivers.

    See diagram highlighting supported ports and port types (SFP and QSFP)


    • SN2010 (top) Supports
        • 4 x QSFP28^ ports (numbers: 19-22)
        • 4 x SFP28 ports (numbers: 1, 2, 17, 18)
    • SN2100 Supports
        • 16 x QSFP28^ ports (numbers: 1-16)
    • SN2410 Supports
        • 8 x QSFP28^ ports (numbers: 49-56)
        • 4 x SFP28 ports (numbers: 1, 2, 47, 48)
    • SN2700 (bottom) Supports
        • 32 x QSFP28^ ports (numbers: 1-32)


    ^ QSFP28 ports require a QSA adapter to connect to the SFP-10GbT Transceiver


    Supported 10GBase-T Transceivers

    List of 3rd party supported transceiver:


    ~ Supported on SN2100, SN2410 and SN2700. SN2010 support will be added in November 2018.

    + planned for November 2018


    Mellanox Quad to Serial (QSA) SFP Adapter



    Mellanox Select 10Gbase-T Switch