Are You Flying Blind with Ceph?

Version 1



    Ceph storage is great.  It’s flexible – you can use it for file, block, and object storage – even at the same time.  It’s huge – in cloud environments, containers, microservices – the modern architectures.  It’s open – you can run it on any hardware you want.  It scales – you can keep adding storage nodes without the need for painful data migrations.  And it can be free – you can run the open source community version, or purchase support.

    But, this sort of flexibility comes at a cost.  Out-of-the-box, Ceph is ready to run ‘ok’ for most use-cases.  Think family mini-van.  It can hold a fair amount, but it’s not the biggest on the road. So, maybe you really want something like an 18 wheeler.  Also, it can go a little bit above the speed limit, but that’s it and it will certainly take a while to get you where you want to go – maybe you really want something like a Porsche.

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