RoCE Configuration for WinOF2 driver without QoS setting - WinOF-2 version 1.70

Version 4

    Note - this post is relevant for WinOF-2 version 1.70. For versions 1.80 (specifically FW versions XX.21.1000) and above no configuration is required for this case.

    The following post shows a configuration example of RoCE  for Mellanox Adapters over MS-Windows based host for resilient RoCE configuration without network QoS.

    For other RoCE configuration examples, see Getting Started with RoCE Configuration .






    Assumptions and requirements:






    1.  Enable DC-QCN on all priorities.

    Mlx5Cmd.exe -Qosconfig -Dcqcn -Name "Ethernet" -Set –DcqcnEnablePrio0 1 –DcqcnEnablePrio1 1 –DcqcnEnablePrio2 1 –DcqcnEnablePrio3 1 –DcqcnEnablePrio4 1 –DcqcnEnablePrio5 1 –DcqcnEnablePrio6 1 –DcqcnEnablePrio7 1

    Mlx5Cmd.exe –Dcqcn priomode 1