HowTo Capture RDMA traffic on mlx5 driver using mlx5cmd (Windows)

Version 1

    This post will show how to capture RDMA traffic on ConnectX-4/5 (mlx driver) for Windows using Mlx5Cmd.exe.




    1. Run some RDMA traffic. For example use the nd_write_bw script.


    2. Run Mlx5Cmd on port RDMA1 with filename

    PS C:\> Mlx5Cmd.exe -Sniffer -name RDMA1 -start -filename my_capture.pcap


    3. After a while, stop the capture

    PS C:\> Mlx5Cmd.exe -Sniffer -name RDMA1 -stop


    4. Open the file in wireshark. For RoCEv2, the default UDP port is 4791.