Mellanox Adapters are Supported by CORD-3.0

Version 12

    CORD (Central Office Re-architected as a Datacenter) combines NFV, SDN, and the elasticity of commodity clouds to bring datacenter economics and cloud agility to the Telco Central Office.

    Mellanox adapters are supported by CORD-3.0.







    Automatic deployment of compute nodes by CORD head node, identify Mellanox adapters and install mlnx-en-4.0- driver to support ConnectX-3/4/5 adapters.

    Driver release note and user manuals can be found in MLNX_OFED page .


    How does it work?

    First, a compute node boots up through PXE Ubuntu MAAS bare metal provisioning server on the HEAD node.

    Once Ubuntu image is automatically deployed and provisioned together with its network interfaces on a compute node, Ansible scripts start to get into action and provision all other components, including Mellanox drivers.


    Here is an example of the HEAD node location in a CORD POD deployment:




    In order to deploy full physical CORD POD, refer to CORD documentation at:


    Special note about the procedure:

    On section "Deployment Configuration File", please add Mellanox's driver name and assign it either for for fabric role interface or management role interface or both.

    Fabric and Management links are described in the POD figure.

    Example for enabling Mellanox interfaces only for fabric role:


         - 'fabric_include_module_types=mlx5_core'

         - 'management_exclude_module_types=mlx5_core'