RoCE Configuration for MLNX-OS Based Switches without Setting QoS

Version 10

    This post provides a configuration example for Mellanox Spectrum installed with MLNX-OS and running RoCE over a lossy network, assuming QoS is not set.

    For other RoCE Profile solutions, see Getting Started with RoCE Configuration.




    Enabling ECN Marking

    When no QoS is configured on the switch, all traffic will be mapped to priority 0 and traffic class 0 by default.

    To enable ECN on traffic class 0, run:

    switch (config) # interface ethernet 1/1-1/32 traffic-class 0 congestion-control ecn minimum-absolute 150 maximum-absolute 1500


    To learn more about ECN configuration on Mellanox Spectrum switches, see HowTo Configure ECN on Mellanox Ethernet Switches (Spectrum).

    For end to end configuration example, see HowTo Configure Resilient RoCE End-to-End Using ConnectX-4 and Spectrum (No QoS).