What's New in the Kernel 4.12

Version 6

    This post highlights the features planned for the kernel 4.12 Mellanox driver features.






    Probe VFs (mlx5): Sometimes it is not desirable to probe the virtual functions after SR-IOV is enabled. This can save host side resource usage by VF instances which would be eventually probed to the VMs. It might be very inconvenient if there are a lot of VFs created and probed in the hypervisor. A new mlx5_core module parameter called probe_vf was added to provide this option.  For more info see HowTo Configure and Probe VFs on mlx5 Drivers



    DCQCN counters: Four DCQCN-related counters were added to mlx5 driver in this release, for more info see Understanding mlx5 Linux Counters and Status Parameters .



    One of the features in ethtool is rx-fcs.  Normally the FCS of the packet will be truncated by the ASIC hardware before sending it to the application socket buffer (skb). Ethtool allows to set the rx-fcs not to be truncated, but to pass it to the application for analysis. For more info and usage see Understanding ethtool rx-fcs for mlx5 Drivers .


    InfiniBand - IPoIB

    IPoIB Interfaced improved and optimized with the following hardware features for ConnectX-4.

    • Stateless offloads (LRO, aRFS, RSS, TSS)
    • Multi-queue support, all queues share the same transport.
    • Interrupt moderation
    • Multi partitions optimizations
    • Share send/recv Work Queues
    • Vendor specific optimizations
    • Work queue processing
    • The IPoIB ULP was leveraged while the support of the “Legacy” mode remains.
    • Support UD mode only


    A Simple way to verify the driver is using the new mode by shell command: “ip link show ibX” the driver mac will start with 00:xxxxxxx


    No new configuration added, all enabled by default and done internally within the IPoIB driver.