What's New in the MLNX_OFED v4.4 Release

Version 37

    This post highlights the features of MLNX_OFED v4.4.





    Download Driver

    Download the MLNX_OFED driver from Mellanox web page, click here.


    New Features



    ConnectX-4 Lx/

    Adaptive Interrupt Moderation

    Added support for adaptive Tx, which optimizes the moderation values of the Tx CQs on runtime for maximum throughput with minimum CPU overhead.

    This mode is enabled by default.

    Adaptive Interrupt ModerationUpdated Adaptive Rx to ignore ACK packets so that queues that only handle ACK packets remain with the default moderation.
    Docker Containers [Beta]Added support for Docker containers to run over Virtual RoCE and InfiniBand devices using SR-IOV mode.
    VF Statistics

    Performed the following virtual function statistics changes:

    * Added tx_broadcast and tx_multicast counters

    * Included RDMA statistics for existing counters

    Force TTLAdded support for setting a global TTL value for all RC QPs and rdma-cm QPs.
    Firmware Tracer

    Added a new mechanism for the device’s FW/HW to log important events into the event tracing system (/sys/kernel/debug/tracing) without requiring any Mellanox-specific tool.

    Note: This feature is enabled by default.

    CR-DumpAccelerated the original cr-dump by optimizing the reading process of the device’s CR-Space snapshot.
    RoCE ICRC Error CounterAdded support for a new counter that exposes the amount of corrupted RoCE packets that arrive with bad Invariant Cyclic Redundancy Code (ICRC).


    ConnectX-4 Lx

    VST Q-in-QAdded support for C-tag (0x8100) VLAN insertion to tagged packets in VST mode.
    ConnectX-4Ethernet Tunneling Over IPoIB Driver (eIPoIB)Re-added support for eth_ipoib driver, which provides a standard Ethernet interface to be used as a Physical Interface (PIF) into the Hypervisor virtual network, and serves one or more Virtual Interfaces (VIF).
    ConnectX-4 Lx/ConnectX-5OVS Offload using ASAP2

    Added support for Mellanox Accelerated Switching And Packet Processing (ASAP2) technology, which allows OVS offloading by handling OVS data-plane, while maintaining OVS control-plane unmodified. OVS Offload using ASAP2 technology provides significantly higher OVS performance without the associated CPU load.

    For further information, refer to ASAP2 Release Notes under www.mellanox.com -> Products -> Software -> ASAP2

    AllUpstream Libraries

    Added a repository repodata to support installing upstream libraries (based on upstream rdma-core), using he Operating System's standard package manager (yum, apt-get, etc.).

    For further information, please refer to “Installing Upstream rdma-core Libraries” section in MLNX_OFED User Manual

    Note: This is intended only for DPDK users.

    InstallationAdded support for new metadata packages that only install userspace packages at a time (without any kernel packages), using the Operating System's standard package manager (yum, apt-get, etc.). These metadata packages will have the suffix “-user-only”. For example: “mlnx-ofed-all-user-only”.


    Additional information on the content of MLNX_OFED release can be found in MLNX_OFED Release Notes document available on Mellanox official website.