HowTo Find the Closest NUMA Node in Windows

Version 3

    Finding the closest Non-uniform Memory Access (NUMA) node is an important part of Benchmark testing.




    To find the closest NUMA node on a Windows Server, perform the following:

    Open a PowerShell window and execute Get-NetAdapterRss –Name <Connection Name>.


    Where <Connection Name> is the name assigned to the desired interface, in this case “Ethernet 4”, as the example shows below:



    The RssProcessorArray field displays the closer NUMA node.

    The array should have entries that are in the G:C/D format where:

    G - The processor group

    C - The processor core ID

    D - The distance between the NUMA node closest to the physical PCI slot (where the NIC is installed) to the NUMA node (where the processor core C resides).

    We recommend using only cores with D=0, implying they are within the closest NUMA node to the NIC.