Cumulus Linux Initial Configuration for Mellanox NEO Provisioning

Version 11

    Starting from Mellanox NEO v1.8, Cumulus Linux OS v3.2.1 (or later) is supported for Spectrum switches.

    See the following related documents regarding installation of Cumulus Linux on Mellanox Switch:

    HowTo Uninstall MLNX-OS and Install ONIE on Mellanox Switches

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    When Mellanox NEO is deployed in the network, the configurations described below are required on the Cumulus Linux OS to allow provisioning by Mellanox NEO.

    Please make sure to apply a valid license on the Cumulus devices.


    1. Configure a no sudo password for "cumulus " default user

    Open the following file for editing:

    # sudo visudo -f /etc/sudoers.d/sudoneo

    Add the line:

    cumulus ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD:ALL

    Note: You can use ^x to exit.


    2. Configure SNMP

    By default cumulus will block incoming remote SNMP requests.

    In order to allow incoming request on the MGMT interface and set "public" password for SNMPv1/2c read-only requests from any source IP, issue the following commands:

    net add snmp-server listening-address <Management IP>

    net add snmp-server readonly-community public access any

    net commit

    The commands issued above will start and enable SNMP service. You can ensure it is active using:

    sudo systemctl status snmpd.service

    Verify snmp configuration:

    net show configuration snmp-server



    - starting Cumulus release 3.4 it is recommended to configure snmp using Network Command Line Utility (NCLU) as described above instead of manually editing /etc/snmp/snmpd.conf file.

    - Any password string can be set instead of public, however this is the password defined by default in NEO and if you chose to change it make sure update NEO Device Access with the new string:



    3. Configure LLDP

    To ensure a proper link discovery by NEO edit the following LLDP configuration files:

    /etc/default/lldpd to enable snmp AgentX support and exclude the MGMT interface from LLDP:

    DAEMON_OPT_ARGS="-x -I *,!eth0"

    /etc/lldpd.d/README.conf to set the LLDP management address of the system:

    configure system ip management pattern < Management IP>

    Restart LLDP

    sudo systemctl restart lldpd

    You can ensure LLDP is active by using:

    sudo systemctl status lldpd


    4. Enable Interfaces

    List all available interfaces in the system (those interfaces are representing the switch ports)


    Make sure switchd service is running (If not - apply license and restart the service):

    sudo systemctl status switchd

    Enable the required network interfaces

    net add interface swp10

    net add interface swp11

    net commit


    - NCLU commands are used above instead of manually editing /etc/network/interfaces files as in older Cumulus releases as described in HowTo Configure Switch Interface Using Cumulus Linux .

    - If required it is possible to explicitly set interface speed and mtu using "net add int <interface> mtu" \ "net add int <interface> link speed" commands


    Verify the interfaces are UP:

    net show int

    Check LLDP remote peers discovery:

    net show lldp


    7. Add the Cumulus devices to NEO and make sure links and system information are fully discovered



    For SNMPv3 NEO discovery configure the Cumulus device as advices in the link below and set NEO Device Access details accordingly

    Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) Monitoring - Cumulus Linux 3.7 - Cumulus Networks