What's New in the MLNX-OS 3.6.3004 Release

Version 4

    We are happy to announce the availability of MLNX-OS version 3.6.3004 at GA level. This release is a VPI release that supports Ethernet, IB and Gateway switch platforms.


    This release of MLNX-OS Ethernet leverage the below capabilities:

    • OpenFlow 1.3 enhancements: Monitoring Fabric application (TAP aggregation), providing high network visibility (traffic filtering and monitoring) thus enabling proactive network management approach.
    • Telemetry - Histograms: With the new telemetry histograms you gain high visibility and proactive & predictive approach towards network congestion scenarios, better network understanding and improved SLA which are highly desirable on the various markets.
    • VXLAN, bare metal (Beta level):


    In addition to the above, this release brings enhancement to our MLNX-OS portfolio with:

    1. WEB GUI Support - IGMP, MLAG & ACL
    2. JSON - Adding support for all show/set commands through JSON
    3. SX1012X - introducing new switch with 10GbE on each port.
    4. Support for 100GbE LR4 Mellanox module.
    5. GW support for SR-IOV over ConnectX-4