25/50 and 100Gb Ethernet Soon to be Most Deployed Ethernet Bandwidth

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    Results from the first ever 25, 50 and 100Gb Ethernet plugfest, driven by the 25 Gigabit Ethernet Consortium, are in and the multi-vendor interoperability event has yielded some very promising results that showcase the level of maturity that the technology is currently at.  Before discussing the vendor interoperability testing and results, it is important to understand what is driving it and what it took to get us where we are at today. According to Crehan Research1, in only three short years, 25/50 and 100Gb Ethernet will surpass all other Ethernet solutions as the most deployed Ethernet bandwidth. This trend is being driven by mounting demands for host-side bandwidth as data center densities increase and pressure grows for switching capacities to keep pace.  It was only a short time ago when data centers were exploring the need for 10GbE, and in a little over two years, they are now looking toward 25GbE and greater speeds to answer their bandwidth concerns.  More than just bandwidth, 25G technology is also helping to drive better cost efficiencies in capital and operating expenses when compared to 40G, which is driving cloud providers and enterprise data centers to migrate to higher speeds. These efficiencies, in concert with the endorsement of 25G by large cloud providers such as Google and Microsoft, appears to be what will  cause 25G to surpass 40G as the most deployed server access speed.