HowTo Configure Cisco 3132Q Single L2 Switch For Resilient RoCE (running-config)

Version 3

    This post shows a running config example for Cisco 3132Q switch, configured as Layer 2 switch for Resilient RoCE.





    • The switch ports are set to trunk mode.
    • The switch is set to support CoS with CoS 3 for RDMA traffic and CoS 4 for TCP traffic.
    • In this running config, we added a special Policy for TCP (CoS 4), but you can use the default policy by not marking traffic (priority 0). In that way it will be mapped to use default QoS Group 0 and the Default Egress Queue.
    • The hosts should tag traffic with Vlan X marked with Priority 3 for RoCE.
    • The scheduling default for the Cisco switch is set to WRR. We did not set bandwidth reservation to a specific service. However, you can change the bandwidth reservation to TCP, specify other background traffic, or set the Strict Priority policy for RoCE.
    • RoCE MTU was set to 2240, while TCP MTU was set to 9100.
    • RED/ECN is enabled.


    Running Configuration (ipqos)

    By using IP Quality of Service (IPQoS), you can provide consistent levels of service.

    Note: A full running-config is shown below and is also included as an attachment.

    # show running-config ipqos


    !Command: show running-config ipqos

    !Time: Thu Oct 27 08:27:01 2016


    version 7.0(3)I2(1a)

    class-map type qos match-all TCP

      match cos 4

    class-map type qos match-all RRoCE

      match cos 3

    class-map type queuing TCP

      match qos-group 4

    class-map type queuing RRoCE

      match qos-group 3

    policy-map type qos QOS_MARKING

      class RRoCE

        set qos-group 3

      class TCP

        set qos-group 4

      class class-default

    policy-map type queuing QOS_QUEUEING

      class type queuing RRoCE

        random-detect minimum-threshold 150 kbytes maximum-threshold 1500 kbytes

      class type queuing TCP

      class type queuing class-default

    class-map type network-qos TCP

      match qos-group 4

    class-map type network-qos RRoCE

      match qos-group 3

    policy-map type network-qos QOS_NETWORK

      class type network-qos RRoCE

        mtu 2240

        congestion-control random-detect ecn

      class type network-qos TCP

        mtu 9100

      class type network-qos class-default

       mtu 9100

    system qos

      service-policy type qos input QOS_MARKING

      service-policy type queuing output QOS_QUEUEING

      service-policy type network-qos QOS_NETWORK