Adding Skills and Expertise

Version 4

    You can enter skills you have or your expertise directly to your personal profile. Others in the community can then endorse those skills and expertise. A number will appear next to the skill as people endorse it to show you how many have chosen to endorse that skill.  Clicking the number will display a list of the users.


    Adding Skills and Expertise

    1. Click the drop down next to your name or avatar.

    2. Click on "View Profile".
    3. Below the header section of the profile on the far right side is a section called "Skills and Expertise".
    4. Click the New skill button.

    5. The process of adding skills is the same as adding tags to your content, but in this case you’re adding tags to yourself.
    6. Enter the Skill or Skill Phrase that you want to add. Skills can contain more than one word.
    7. To finish the Skill, type the comma button or hit the enter key. 
    8. Click the Add button to add the skill to your profile.


    Your skills are expertise are now set!