Uploading a Photo and Choosing an Avatar

Version 6

    Your photo is a great way for people to “meet” and recognize you in person. You can upload up to ten (default; max 50) photos that people can see when they visit your profile. Your avatar lets community members quickly associate your comments and status updates with a simple visual cue.


    Upload a Photo

    1. Click the drop down of "MyCommunity" at the upper bar of the homepage.

    2. Click on "Edit Profile".
    3. To add a photo, click the "Photo" and then on "Add photo" located at the bottom of each photo box (up to ten photos).
    4. Browse to a photo on your computer that you’d like to upload.

    5. Click the Upload & Continue button.
    6. If you’d like to crop your photo, drag the handles to select the portion of the photo you want to show, then drag the box to position your selection. Click the "Crop Photo" button then "Finish" once done.
    7. Click on Finished at the left bottom of the page.


    Choose an Avatar


    Option 1: Setting your photo as your avatar

    1. You can update your avatar with your own uploaded photo by clicking the Yes link in the Update Avatar section and choosing a square of the photo to use as your avatar.

    Option 2: Choosing an avatar from the available images

    1. You can choose an avatar from the gallery of available images, including ones you have uploaded. To set an avatar, click on the "Avatar" tab and upload/select an avatar of your choice.

    2. Click Finished to set your photos and avatar and return to your profile page.


    Your photo/avatar are now ready!


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