HowTo Upgrade MLNX-OS Software on an MLAG Switch Pair

Version 4

    This post discusses considerations and upgrade procedures for an MLAG switch pair.


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    Switches in the same MLAG group must have the same MLNX-OS version. In case two peers realize that they have different versions, they enter an upgrading state in which the slave peer waits for a specific period of time (upgrade-timeout) before closing its ports. The

    upgrade-timeout parameter has a default value of 60 minutes, which should allow enough time for the whole MLAG switch pair upgrade procedure.


    Upgrade procedure

    1. Identity the slave switch on the MLAG switch pair. Run show mlag-vip.

    sx23 [neo-mlag-vip-2: master] (config mlag) # show mlag-vip



    MLAG group name: neo-mlag-vip-2

    MLAG VIP address:

    Active nodes: 2



    Hostname             VIP-State            IP Address         


    sx23                 master             

    sx24                 standby         


    In this example, the slave switch is sx24.


    2. Upgrade the slave switch first. Refer to:


    3. After the reboot process of the slave, wait until the slave rejoins the MLAG switch pair.


    4. Upgrade the master switch.