HowTo Upgrade MLNX-OS Software Using NEO

Version 2

    This post shows how to update MLNX-OS software using Mellanox NEO.

    This example was done using Mellanox NEO version 1.7 and Mellanox SX6036 switches.




    Setup and Prerequisites

    • NEO installed on the network
    • NEO has management connections to Mellanox Switches and network hosts
    • Mellanox Switches are discovered



    1. Download MLNX-OS latest software from MyMellanox (click here). Note that there is a different image per PPC or x86 based switches.


    2. Use SCP or another method to pass the image file to one of the servers in the network.

    Note: It could be useful to use WinSCP and pass the image file to the NEO VM. In this example, the NEO VM is used as the image SCP server.


    3. Use the SHIFT/CNTL button and select one or more Mellanox switches to be upgraded at once. Right-click and select SW Upgrade.

    In this example, 4 SX6036 switches were used.



    4. Add the following details:

    Note: In this example, NEO server will also act as the SCP server.

    • Description: Any name (for example: Upgrade PPC Switches)
    • Protocol: SCP
    • Server: NEO hostname or IP (where the file is located)
    • Path: directory (for example: /root)
    • Image: image name (for example: image-PPC_M460EX-3.6.2002)
    • Username: NEO username (for example: admin)
    • Password: NEO password (for example: 123456)

    Note: It is recommended to create a task in order to be able to re-use it in the future.


    5. Click Tasks, select the "Upgrade PPC Switches" task you created. Right-click it and select Run.



    6. Keep track of the Status column for 10-20 minutes, after which the upgrade will be completed.


        In Progress:



    7. Reboot the switches. Click  Devices, select the switches, right-click and select Reboot.

    Note: You might need to wait for a few minutes for the switch software to load again.