HowTo Add Network Element in Mellanox NEO

Version 4

    This post shows how to add a network element using Mellanox NEO GUI.

    Note that this example has been tested on NEO 1.7




    Required Setup

    • NEO is installed in the network
    • NEO has management connections to Mellanox switches and network hosts



    Before you start, make sure to have Mellanox NEO installed in the network. Refer to  HowTo Install NEO as a VM over Hyper-V Using Windows 2012R2 as an example.

    More installation options can be found in the NEO User Manual or Quick Start Guide (See Mellanox NEO Solutions).


    1. Open NEO and click on the Managed Elements > Devices > Add



    2. Add the network element IP address, select the System Type and click  .


    Note: Trying to add new devices using hostnames is not supported.



    3. After adding the network element, click Devices, select the required system, and click Credentials on the right side. Fill all possible known credentials (SSH, HTTP, SNMP) if applicable.


    Note: If the default (configured) credentials don't match, the host/switch status will be Lost Communication (unable to get info).