Networking Matters for Your Enterprise Cloud

Version 2

    Five Reasons Why the Mellanox Ethernet Solution is a Perfect Fit

    When you build your enterprise cloud, do you simply connect the hyperconverged platform to the existing core switch and hope for the best? What happens if the main network gets congested as often happens?

    When you consolidate all your datacenters to the hyperconverged infrastructure, can you afford that it takes days to get the network configured and up running? This doesn’t even include trying to sort through the vast sea of acronyms and jargons representing a seemingly endless array of network protocols and technologies?

    When you deploy new services onto your enterprise cloud, can you accept that your existing services may suffer severe performance degradation? When you migrate a workload from one node to another, can your customers tolerate capricious response time?

    Networking matters for your enterprise cloud. Choosing the right one will give you all the benefits of the invisible cloud infrastructure; but using the wrong one will seriously diminish all these benefits. Now, let’s look at what really matters with your choice of the networking solution.

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