Mellanox Presents at IEEE Hot Interconnects: Designing and Developing Performance Portable Network Codes

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    Melllanox's Software  Engineer Alina Sklarevich (part of the OpenUCX team) will be presenting at IEEE Hot Interconnects as a part of a panel on Friday, August 26, 2016 at 8:30am at the Huawei North America Headquarters in Santa Clara, CA.


    About the Session:

    Developing high-performing and portable communication libraries that cater to different programming paradigms and different architectures is a challenging and resource-consuming task. For performance, these libraries have to leverage the rich network capabilities provided by the network interconnects, often requiring deep understanding of a wide-range of network capabilities, the interplay of software and hardware components and its impact on the library implementation, and application communication characteristics. In this tutorial, we will provide insights into the challenges and complexity in developing such communication libraries. We will share our experience developing Unified Communication X (UCX), a framework of network APIs and implementations for compute- and data-intensive scientific computing.


    UCX is a collaboration of national laboratories, academia, and industry to develop the next generation communication framework for current and emerging programming models. The framework provides a collection of APIs that enables the customization of network functionality for application requirements and a given system architecture. Furthermore, it provides a simple way to map application requirements to network capabilities, with little or no user involvement. UCX is an open source project whose participants include many leading HPC researchers from IBM, NVIDIA, Mellanox Technologies, ARM, LANL, ANL, ORNL, University of Tennessee (Knoxville), and University of Houston.


    About Alina:

    Alina Sklarevich is a software developer in the HPC group at Mellanox Technologies. During the past five years, she has worked on development of MXM, the Mellanox Messaging Accelerator, contributed to OpenMPI, and is currently working on development of the OpenUCX project. Alina earned her B.Sc. in Communication System Engineering from the Ben-Gurion University in Israel and is now an M.Eng. student in System Engineering at the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology.


    For more information, visit the IEEE Hot Interconnects program and tutorial description of the event.