Can Silicon Photonics Escape the Rack?

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    Can silicon photonics escape the rack?

    Mellanox Senior Director of Marketing Arlon Martin chats with Electro Optics about silicon photonics' spread to chemical sensing and intra-chip communications:


    "For Arlon Martin, silicon photonics has been a commercial reality since 2004. That’s when his then employer, Monterey Park, California’s Kotura, launched a silicon-based variable optical attenuator (VOA) into the telecoms market. ‘The VOA market is not huge, but we’ve grown to be the number one supplier and are shipping millions of units,’ said Martin, now senior director, marketing, at Mellanox Technologies following its acquisition of Kotura in 2013.


    Building on lessons learned in VOAs, Mellanox today uses silicon photonics in much more important cable and transceiver roles. In these products, and those of several other companies around the world, silicon photonics is starting to fulfil its ample potential. While such offerings are largely limited to fibre-optic networking, other applications are now building on their progress. Diagnostics and intra-chip communications, for example, are exploiting an increasingly well-established body of knowledge in making use of silicon’s optical properties, and of the integration of germanium and semiconductor laser components. In doing so, they could take even greater advantage of silicon’s greatest promise: precision manufacturing on truly vast scales."

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