Getting Started with SNMP MIBs for Mellanox Switches

Version 2

    This post shows the basic methods to get started with SNMP MIBs on Mellanox switches.

    The reader is assumed to have experience with and knowledge about SNMP and MIBs.

    In the examples below, an SX1710 Ethernet switch is used as well as iReasoning MIB Browser.






    1. Make sure that you have a MIB browser installed. (There many free MIB browser on the Web). For the example, go here to get the iReasoning MIB Browser.


    2. Get the MLNX-OS private MIB files the MyMellanox portal.


    3. Make sure you have L3 connectivity (ping, ssh) to the specific switch.


    SNMP Get Examples


    1. Get Switch Model and Software Version


    Use the sysDescr OID (RFC1213-MIB) to get the switch's basic parameters such as switch model and software version.


    In this case, we get the model number (SX1710), and software version (3.4.3002).




    2. Get Switch Inventory

    To get the switch inventory such as hardware parts, chassis, serial number, part number, fans, and temperature sensors, use the ENTITY-MIB.


    1. Make sure that the standard ENTITY-MIB is loaded to the MIB browser (File->Load MIBs).


    2. Open the entPhysicalTable




    3. Get the Fan and Temperature Sensors, Operational Status, and Speed

    To get the switch sensors status (fan speed and temperature sensor levels) use the standard ENTITY-SENSOR-MIB.


    Note: If you are using iReasoning MIB Browser, you will need to find this MIB on the web because it is not part of the MIB package of this tool.


    1. Make sure that the standard ENTITY-SENSOR-MIB is loaded to the MIB browser (File->Load MIBs).


    2. Get the entPhySensorTable:


    Note: The index of this table is the index of the entPhysicalTable. For example, in order to get FAN1/FAN/F1 (the first fan of FAN1 FRU) status and speed you need to look at the index of that part:



    For all other supported MIB options, refer to MLNX-OS user manual, SNMP chapter.

    Don't have the user manual? See Where can I find the Switch OS User Manual.


    SNMP SET Examples


    Refer to HowTo Use SNMP SET on Mellanox Switches