HowTo Use Mellanox Interconnect Products with Cisco Switches

Version 3

    This post shows a way to unblock Cisco switch ports.




    Cisco switches can block ports connected with cables or transceivers other than Cisco's from rising. For example, if you connect Mellanox cables to one or more ports of a Cisco switch, the switch might block the port from being used by default (you will see the port is down and a "Transceiver validation failure" status).


    The port status excerpt below is from a Cisco Nexus 6000 switch: ports 2/3 and 2/4 are connected to Mellanox 40GbE copper cables, while ports 2/1 and 2/2 are connected to Cisco copper cables.




    To unblock the ports, run the command below. Note that this command is hidden and has no auto-complete option.

    switch (config) # service unsupported-transceiver


    After running the command, the ports will rise and no error message will be displayed, as shown below.