Windows Driver Solutions

Version 24

    This post lists the relevant pointers for Windows Solutions.




    Getting Started


    1. Make sure the servers are equipped with ConnectX-3 or ConnectX-3 Pro adapter cards and Windows 2012 OS.


    2. Go over the latest User Manual and Release Notes of the driver. The documents can be found here.


    3. Install the latest driver. See HowTo Install and Configure Mellanox Driver for Windows Environment.


    RDMA/RoCE Configuration


    In order to configure RDMA/RoCE on your device, follow the steps below:


    1. Make sure that you are aware of the loss-less network requirements for RoCE, and the ways to achieve it.

    You may find more info here: Network Considerations for Global Pause, PFC and QoS with Mellanox Switches and Adapters


    2. As a start, follow HowTo Configure RoCE in Windows Environment (Global Pause).  This is a post that shows basic RDMA/RoCE configuration over one switch configured with global pause flow control.


    3. Run SMB direct on top of RDMA with PFC over RoCEv1. Follow HowTo Configure SMB Direct (RoCE) over PFC on Windows 2012 Server.


    4. In case routing is needed on the network, you need to run RoCEv2. Follow HowTo Configure SMB Direct over IP networks (RoCEv2) on Windows 2012 Server.