Switch Auto-Provisioning for OpenStack

Version 21

    This post explains how to use the SDN Mechanism Driver of OpenStack Kilo to support Mellanox switch auto-provisioning with Mellanox NEO.

    This post is meant for developers, dev-ops, or advanced OpenStack users.






    The ML2 SDN Mechanism Driver plugin is used to send notifications to the SDN provider when there is a network/port association event in OpenStack Neutron.

    The SDN listener (Mellanox NEO) reacts as follows when notified about changes in port/network association:


    In Ethernet Cloud: Mellanox NEO configures VLANs automatically on the Mellanox network switches.

    In InfiniBand Cloud: Mellanox NEO configures PKeys automatically on the SM.



    • LLDP must be enabled on Mellanox switches and on the hosts.
    • OpenStack version Kilo and later
    • OpenStack Neutron must be enabled.
    • Neutron MLNX ML2 plugin with configured SDN Mechanism Driver
    • Mellanox NEO must be present in the network.






    For deployment and configuration, see HowTo Configure SDN Mechanism Driver Plugin for OpenStack.