HowTo Set Dell PowerEdge R730 BIOS parameters to support SR-IOV

Version 3

    This post shows how to set Dell PowerEdge R730 BIOS parameters to support SR-IOV.

    This post is basic and meant for beginners.




    In this example, we used PowerEdge R730, BIOS version 1.3.3





    1. Enter to the BIOS Setup after reboot.


    2. Click on System BIOS Setting -> Processor Settings and enable Visualization Technology.

    virtualization technology.png


    3. Click on System BIOS Settings -> Integrated Devices and enable SR-IOV Global Enable parameter.



    4. Enable SR-IOV on the Mellanox adapter (per port) and set the number of Virtual Functions (VF) required.

    Go back to the System Setup (click on finish). Click on the Device Settings and select the adapter.

    Note: by default, Mellanox adapter is set to SRI-OV enabled with 8 virtual functions.




    5. Reboot the server for the configuration to take effect.