HowTo Find the Logical-to-Physical Port Mapping (Windows)

Version 3

    This post shows how to find the physical to logical port mapping in Windows.

    This post is basic and meant for beginners.




    Adapter Mapping (ConnectX-3/ Pro/ ConnectX-4, WinOF/WinOF-2 Driver)

    In case you have more than one Mellanox adapters on the same server, you need to be able to map the PCI bus of each specific adapter.

    You can do so, if you select the adapter on the device manager (not the port, use View->Devices by Connection) and select the General tab.


    In the following example, the adapter is located on PCI bus 130 of this server.



    Port Mapping (ConnectX-3/ Pro, WinOF Driver)

    In case you  use dual port ConnectX-3 adapter. Select the port on the device manager and then right click and then click on properties.

    Select the Information tab, you can see the Port number parameter.





    Port Mapping (ConnectX-4, WinOF-2 Driver)

    In case of WinOF-2 th port number is exposed as a dedicated PCI function.


    Physical port 1 will be mapped through function 0:

    winof-2 port.png


    Physical port 2 will be mapped through function 1:

    winof-2 port 2.png