Windows SMB Performance Testing References

Version 4

    This post supplies references to Windows SMB performance testing and tuning.

    This post meant for IT managers who wish to test SMB over RoCE/RDMA.





    Basic Performance Procedure

    Using DiskSpd performance tool (refer to DiskSpd, PowerShell and storage performance: measuring IOPs, throughput and latency for both local disks and SMB file shares) :


    Note: Run this procedure after setting up Network connectivity between two Windows 2012 Servers (ping should run from Mellanox adapters ports).


    1. Download DiskSpd on the Windows Client


    2. Share disk C: (or any other folder) on the server:

    Right click on disk C: -> Share With -> Advance sharing.

    Click on share this folder. Click on Permissions and adjust the Permissions for Everyone:




    3. Create a big file (e.g. c:\Server1\1.txt) on one server (e.g. 10GB)

    # fsutil file createnew 1.txt 10000000000

    4. Mount the Disk C on the server to the client host.


    5. Run the command on the client (from the folder diskspd.exe is located)

    #.\diskspd -d15 -F1 -w0 -r -b4k -o10 \\\C\Server1\1.txt