Introduction to Mellanox NEO

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    This post discusses Mellanox NEO - Cloud Networking Orchestration and Management.

    This post is basic and meant for IT managers.


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    What is Mellanox NEO?

    • Mellanox NEO is a centralized network management application for monitoring, alerting, and provisioning.
    • It is suitable for InfiniBand or Ethernet switches, and focuses on switch configuration.
    • It includes automation for configuration and performance monitoring of the switch networks.
    • It includes VMware and OpenStack plugins.
    • It supplies the REST API for external applications.





    Main Interfaces

    Mellanox NEO uses SNMP and CLI for southbound interfaces to configure and monitor the switches. In addition, it supplies interfaces to 3rd-party applications such as VMware and OpenStack. On the other side, Mellanox NEO supplies the REST interface to 3rd-party applications for network configuration and monitoring.


    Centralized Switch Management

    • Use Mellanox NEO to configure and manage your switches on the network.
    • Various configuration templates are available for use. For example: upgrade, mlag, interface, vlan configuration, and more.
    • Scheduling options
    • Switch auto-discovery




    Mellanox NEO includes multiple pre-defined templates for switch configuration.

    It is possible to create you own templates, each with a list of CLI commands, and to schedule the execution.



    Health Monitoring

    Mellanox NEO supplies a health status and alerts for port, chassis, power, fan, and switch objects.




    Mellanox NEO polls the LLDP tables from the switches and presents the links for each active port.



    Performance Monitoring

    Mellanox NEO supplies various performance monitoring charts and reports.





    3rd-Party Application Integration


    VMware Plugin

    For VMware ESX hosts, it is possible to add NEO as a plugin to the Vsphere client and manage the switches via the vSphere Web Client application.



    OpenStack SDN Driver


    The ML2 SDN Mechanism Driver plugin is used to send notifications to the SDN provider when there is a network/port association event in OpenStack Neutron.

    See Switch Auto-Provisioning for OpenStack for more info.



    How Do I Get the Mellanox NEO Image?

    Mellanox NEO is provided for free. Contact Mellanox support to receive the image and manuals.



    Does Mellanox NEO supplies Northbound interface to 3rd party applications?


    Mellanox NEO expose REST API for 3rd party applications that wishes to configure and monitor the switches without using the NEO UI.

    Click here to get started: Get Started with Mellanox NEO REST API.