HowTo Find Which Server Runs the SM in the Fabric

Version 3

    This post shows how to find the server that runs the SM in the fabric.

    The post is basic and meant for beginners that have some experience with InfiniBand networks.




    1. Run sminfo to find the SM lid number.

    # sminfo

    sminfo: sm lid 3 sm guid 0xf452140300655892, activity count 990 priority 15 state 3 SMINFO_MASTER


    2. Run ibnetdiscover to match the server name with this lid. In this example, it is the SX6012 that runs the SM.

    # ibnetdiscover | grep "lid 3"

    Switch  13 "S-f452140300655892"         # "MF0;switch-e1bf44:SX6012/U1" enhanced port 0 lid 3 lmc 0 [1](2c90300fcbe10) "S-f452140300655892"[11]  # lid 8 lmc 0 "MF0;switch-e1bf44:SX6012/U1" lid 3 4xFDR