HowTo Install Mellanox NEO as a VM on Mellanox Switches

Version 27

    This post explains how to install Mellanox NEO as a VM on Mellanox SX1710 Ethernet switches (or any switch within the X86 CPU arch family).


    Note: This post is outdated and should not be used. It is not recommended to install NEO on a switch. Please use other methods, refer to NEO user manual.




    Installation Procedure


    1. Follow the HowTo Install Virtual Machine on Mellanox Ethernet Switches procedure to install CentOS 6.5 as a VM on the SX1710 switch.


    Note: Make sure to use the maximum memory (2048MB) and the maximum number of cores (2).


    2. Make sure SELinux is disabled. Change /etc/selinux/config so that the SELINUX option is set to disabled:


    (Reboot is required)


    3. Disable the iptables service:

    # service iptables stop
    # chkconfig iptables off


    4. Install lsof package

    # yum install lsof


    5. Contact Mellanox support to receive the NEO software package, and unzip it:

    # cd /tmp
    # scp root@my-server:/tmp/neo-1.1.0-2.el6.tar.gz .
    # tar zxvf neo-1.1.0-2.el6.tar.gz


    6. Enter the neo folder and install the software:

    # cd /neo
    # ./ -c -p all


    7. Start the NEO service:

    # /opt/neo/neoservice start

    Starting neo-access-credentials:                           [  OK  ]

    Starting neo-controller:                                   [  OK  ]

    Starting neo-device-manager:                               [  OK  ]

    Starting neo-eth-discovery:                                [  OK  ]

    Starting neo-ib:                                           [  OK  ]

    Starting neo-ip-discovery:                                 [  OK  ]

    Starting neo-monitor:                                      [  OK  ]

    Starting neo-provisioning:                                 [  OK  ]


    8. Login via a Web browser:


    Before you start, make sure that the httpd service is running:


    # /etc/init.d/httpd restart


    Open a Web browser and type:




    Insert default administrator credentials:


    • Username: admin
    • Password: 123456




    At this point, you should see only an empty dashboard.


    9. Add devices:


    In order to add a list of switch IP addresses manually, open the following file:



    Then change the “load_from_file” value to “True”.





    In addition, add the list of switch IP addresses as a list in:


    For example:


    Then restart the service

    # /opt/neo/neoservice restart


    10. On the browser, click specific devices to make sure that those switches were discovered.




    Tuning Options

    1. Change the default monitoring history length (in days).

    In the following example, we have set the monitoring interval to 60 days.

    • Every 5 minutes for the first 30 days
    • Every 15 minutes for the last 30 days

    # /opt/neo/neoservice stop


    # cd /opt/neo/providers/monitor/scripts/

    # ./

    INFO:root:Graphite installation.           [  OK  ]

    All Graphite data base will be deleted, are you sure you want to continue [Yes]: Yes

    Enter history size (can be set between 1 - 180 days): 60

    Enter 5 minute history size (can be set between 1 - 60 days): 30

    Graphite history size:

          5 minute  history size: 30 days

         15 minute  history size: 30 days

    INFO:root:Graphite update configuration.          [  OK  ]

    # /opt/neo/neoservice start