HowTo Integrate Mellanox NEO Plugin for vSphere Client

Version 11

    Note: This post is not applicable any more for NEO.

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    This post explains how to integrate the Mellanox NEO plugin into the vSphere Client.

    This post is meant for IT managers who want to manage their Mellanox switches via Mellanox NEO within the VMWare vSphere Client application.




    Note: NeoPlugin Version 1.0 supports Mellanox switch chassis management, monitoring and alerting, and auto-provisioning of VXLAN networks.


    After registering the plugin (see HowTo Install Mellanox NEO Plugin within vSphere Client/vCenter 5.5), the following change is apparent when you log in the to vSphere Web client:

    • A "Mellanox Network" shortcut in the Home Inventory will redirect you to a new vShpere Inventory object list - Switches. Upon first using this plugin, this list will be empty. To populate the Inventory with new switches, you must bind vSphere to NEO, which will act as a vSphere backend. There is no limitation to the number of NEO instances you can add.


    Associate NEO with Data Center


    1. In order to associate Mellanox switches with a data center, click "Administration" in the left navigation bar.


    2. In the Administration section, find the Mellanox Networks section and the NEO Networks icon with the number on defined networks (NEO servers).


    3. Click on the NEO Networks icon.


      4. Click on the Add icon in order to add a new NEO network.



      5. Enter the NEO Network name, IP and related data center (optional).



      6.  Enter the credentials information:




      7. Review your inputs and click Finish.



       8. The plugin will connect to the Mellanox NEO server and retrieve the switch information.



    Remove Association between Mellanox NEO and Data Center

       To remove or edit a NEO Network definition, select a network in the table and click one of the Action icons at the top.

       You can also right-click the network entry and select an action from the menu.



    Monitoring your Mellanox Network


    1. Go to the inventory tree and check the number of switches defined in your network.




       2. Clicking on the Inventory Switches icon displays the list of managed switches.



      3. To refresh specific switch information, right-click on the selected switch and click Refresh on the menu.



       4. By clicking on a specific switch, a Tabs view displays 5 tabs:

         - Ports

         - Inventory

         - OS

         - Events

         - Links


      5. Clicking the NEO icon opens a new browser tab redirected to the related application.

      6. Clicking "MLNX-OS" opens a new browser tab redirected to the related Switch Management page.



       7. The Inventory tab view:


       8. The Events tab view:


       9. You can refresh the switch information by clicking the Refresh option in the Action menu.


       On the left navigation bar, there is a Data Center icon with a counter.

       This is the related data center that you entered upon creating the fabric. Clicking the Data Center icon

       brings up the data center information.


    10. Clicking the data center entry takes you to the specific data center in the Inventory Tree.




    11. On the data center's Related Objects, you can click on the Switches tab to display the list of related switches.


    12. The plugin scans the relevant defined VXLAN configuration and automatically configures the required VLAN on the relevant switch.

    Note: LLDP must be enabled on the hosts and on all switches for auto-configuration of the VXLAN.