Impact of RDMA Networking in an SMB3 workload over 100GbE for Windows 2016 TP2

Version 9

    This demonstration shows the impact of RDMA networking in a high end storage workload over 100GbE connectivity (ConnectX-4) using Windows Server 2016 TP2, SMB3 and Micron NVMe SSDs.

    (Microsoft Ignite - May 2015)


    What do we see here?

    • The usage of RDMA boost the throughput to maximum and lower the CPU utilization on the same time.
    • Live 100GbE demonstration using Mellanox ConnectX-4 Adapters over Micron NVMs SSDs
    • A job that runs over RDMA (from remote CPU) makes similar level of performance comparing to the local job running on the same CPU as the storage (whether you use SATA or NVMe).


    Here is the short version of the demo (3min):






    For more details on the demo, here is the full version (6min).