OpenStack Ceilometer SR-IOV Counters Support

Version 6

    The Mellanox Ceilometer SR-IOV module allows the OpenStack Ceilometer to collect measurements of SR-IOV counters.

    The Ceilometer libvirt inspector looks for the an interface (tap device) that is bound to the VM. The VM that is connected via SR-IOV doesn't have such interface therefore the libvirt inspector ignores it. The Mellanox Ceilometer SR-IOV module looks for VF PCI Device of the VM, then it acquires the counters from the driver and passes the counters to the OpenStack Ceilometer inspector.

    To learn more about how to enable the SR-IOV counters for the Mellanox Ceilometer module click here:

    Mellanox/ceilometer_sriov_counters · GitHub


    To configure Ceilometer update the following parameter in /etc/ceilometer/ceilometer.conf

    # hypervisor_inspector=mlnx_libvirt
    # systemctl restart openstack-ceilometer-compute


    Ceilometer rpm package can be downloaded from Mellanox