What is VMA?

Version 5

    Mellanox's Messaging Accelerator (VMA) boosts performance for message-based and streaming applications, such as those found in financial services, Media and Entertainment, data base and data streaming applications. The result is a reduction in latency to sub microseconds and increase in throughput to as much as 100GbE line rate.





    What is VMA?

    • Kernel Bypass - Reduce Kernel overhead with direct application to network adapter access
    • Requires no application changes – Provides standard sockets TCP, UDP (Unicast, Multicast) to the application layer


    Mellanox VMA Benefits

    • Lower latency - less than 1.3 microsecond with UDP/TCP
    • Lower Jitter - Reduced context switches and interrupts optimize application networking jitter
    • Lower CPU utilization - less overhead and more optimized provides CPU efficiency
    • High throughput - achieve line rate of 100GbE


    VMA Cuts Latency


    VMA Brings Performance where Kernel Fails (illustrative)

    Kernel fails to bring throughput to application layer. By bypassing the Kernel - VMA is able to achieve throughput for both RX and TX.