HowTo Enable SNMP Server (snmpd) on Linux

Version 3

    This post shows how to enable SNMP Server (snmpd) on Linux servers.




    All Linux distributions arrives with net-snmp in-box.

    Edit the file in /etc/snmp/snmpd.conf as follows:


    1. Make sure the MIBs are open, for example:

    - Open specific MIBs only:

    #  system + hrSystem groups only

    view   systemonly  included   .

    view   systemonly  included   .


    - Give Full access to specific host:

    #  Full access from the local host

    rocommunity public  localhost

    rocommunity public

    - Give Full access to a range or hosts using the community string "secret"

    #rocommunity secret


    2. (Optional) edit system information such as:

    sysLocation    my-lab

    sysContact     my-admin


    3. Refer to snmpd.conf Linux man page for more advance configuration options



    4. Restart the server

    In most Linux versions the command will be:

    #/etc/init.d/snmpd restart

    In RHEL7:

    # service snmpd restart