Squeeze out every bit of performance with ANSYS Fluent using HPC-X!

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    ANSYS FLUENT is a Computational Fluid Dynamics is a computational technology that enables the study of the dynamics of things that flow.  Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) brings together a number of different disciplines. CFD enables better understanding of qualitative and quantitative physical phenomena in the flow which is used to improve engineering design. ANSYS FLUENT is a leading CFD application from ANSYS. It is widely used in almost every industry sector and manufactured product.


    Ansys Fluent provides support for OpenMPI as well as for other commercial MPI libraries; and the support version of OpenMPI in Fluent is different from the OpenMPI version that is included in HPC-X.


    So, how can you leverage the power and performance capabilities from HPC-X with an application such as ANSYS Fluent? 


    The HPC Advisory posted an easy to follow procedure so that you can begin leveraging HPC-X and the included Mellanox MXM and FCA acceleration engines with ANSYS Fluent so that you may enjoy every bit of performance from the underlying hardware!


    For the full procedure click here


    HPC-X enables you to rapidly deploy and deliver maximum application performance without the complexity and costs of licensed third-party tools and libraries.   


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