HowTo Configure Multiple VLANs on Windows 2012 Server

Version 12

    This post shows how to configure multiple VLANs on a single network interface when using Windows 2012 Server.





    Required Setup






    Important Note:

    • In case you wish to configure single VLAN on the interface go to Network Connections -> Properties-> Advance Tab and select the VLAN ID field and add the desired value.
    • In case you wish to configure multiple VLANs on the same interface, make sure that the port "VLAN ID" configuration is configured to 0 - otherwise it will not work.





    1. Go to Server Manager -> Local server and click on "NIC Teaming".



    2. Create a new Team with a single interface (TEAMS-> TASKS-> New TEAM). Select the desired interface (e.g. 40GbE) and give it a name.



    3. Select "Adapter and Interfaces" windows and Click on TASKS->Add Interface



    4. Configure the specific VLAN and click OK.



    5. To add another VLAN interface on the same port, repeat step #4.



    6. To assign an IP address to the new interface, click on Network Connections and find the right VLAN interface you've just added. Then, configure the IP similarly to any other interface.




    In case you create three VLAN interfaces (VLANs 1,2,3) on the teaming interface and add three IP addresses, here is what you will see on the Server Manager window:






    1. if you try to configure multiple VLANs, make sure that the value of "VLAN ID" field in the properties "Advance" tab is equial to 0.

    2. Make sure that the switch ports are configured to pass the configured VLAN traffic (switchport type = trunk)