LR4 Support on Mellanox Switches

Version 12

    Here is the list of Mellanox switches and ports that supports LR4 module (Long Reach - QSFP), OPN:  MC2210511-LR4 up to 10Km:

    • SX1036 - use ports 1,3,33,35 only
    • SX1024 - use ports 50,52,54,56,58,60 only
    • SX1012 - all ports
    • SX1710 - all ports
    • TX6000/6100 - all long-haul ports
    • SX6036 - use ports 1,3,33,35 only in Ethernet mode
    • SX6012 - all Ethernet ports; for InfiniBand ports, it is required to enable high-power flow in the .INI firmware configuration file


    For 100G LR4 (4.5W) - supported only from MLNX_OS version 3.6.3004.

    • SN2700 - use ports 1,2,31,32 only

    • SN2100 - use ports 1, 2, 15, 16 only
    • SN2410 - use ports 49, 50, 55, 56 only. Note: When 100G LR4 (4.5W) is used, ports 51,52,53,54 should use cables or transceivers that consume up to 1.5W



    • The MC2210511-LR4  is also supported in the ConnectX-4 adapters (Ethernet port).
    • For InfiniBand ports of SX6012, MC2210511-LR4 requires enabling high-power flow in the .INI firmware configuration file (the flow is part of the link handshake).
    • This MC2210511-LR4 is used with single mode fiber (1310nm) with LC connectors, at a maximum distance of 10km.
    • For 100GE links, we offer a different transceiver module: MMA1L10-CR.
    • Only "Mellanox" LR4 modules are supported on these switches.
    • If a high power transceiver (e.g. LR4) is inserted to a port that does not support it, the link does not go up, and the following warning message is displayed: "Warning: High power transceiver is not supported" when the command "show interfaces ethernet" is run.