MetroX TX6240/TX6280 Long Haul Configuration and Troubleshooting

Version 14

    This post discusses the configuration and troubleshooting of Mellanox MetroX long haul systems - TX6240/TX6280.




    Product Family


    Long Haul SystemDescription
    MetroDX - TX6000up to 16 ports of 40Gbp/s to a distance of up to 1km
    MetroX - TX6100up to 6 ports of 40Gbp/s to a distance of up to 10km
    MetroX - TX6240up to 2 ports of 40Gbp/s to a distance of up to 40km
    MetroX - TX62801 port of 40Gbp/s to a distance of up to 80km

    Each bundle of MetroX TX6240 and TX6280 consists of two systems:

    • Long Haul system (TX6240 or TX6280)
    • WDM system (EX6200)


    The figure below illustrates the site connectivity (local and remote campuses).


    Configuration Example (TX6240) - Site





    Configuration Example (TX6240) - End to End





    • Make sure all ports are in UP state. You must log into the web GUI of the TX6240/80 and enable the ports of the EX6200 – they are disabled by default.
    • If the LED is Orange when the port is in UP state, check that there is a running SM in the network and make sure that there is no problem in the WAN (perform loopback test on the COM port (connect RX to TX).
    • Make sure that the cables are connected properly - the right modules should be inserted in the right places
    • Make sure that the optical modules are clean and suitable for use. You might experience connectivity issues if the modules are not clean (clear here for cleaning kit example).
    • For the EX6200 alarms, refer to the MLNX-OS User Manual (Fault Management chapter).



    • Expected Bandwidth is 40Gb/s (FDR10)
    • Expected Latency is 200 micro-seconds for 40Km cable (5 micro-second per 1Km).


    10Gb/s DWDM Optical Module

    Note: This Optical module is channel 35 (CH35).



    Ribbon Cable (MUX-DMUX side), OPN MEX62-RBN




    Ribbon Cable (Optical Channel side), OPN MEX62-RBN



    MPO Cable (MetroX to the WDM system), OPN: MC6709309-005









    40Gb/s SR4L Module (connected with the MPO cable on the MetroX side), OPN MC2210411-SR4L


    10Gb/s SR Module (connected with the MPO cable on the WDM side), OPN MFM1T02A-SR

    SR module.png