HowTo Monitor Mellanox Switches using Observium

Version 17

    This post shows and supply tips for network monitoring using Observium management tool.




    Observium is a network monitoring tool that offers very nice monitoring feature based mostly on standard SNMP.

    To Install the Observium tool, simply follow Installation - Observium per your management server OS.


    Note: The latest Observium open source includes all updates, and the Mellanox switches are being discovered automatically.


    MLNX-OS Switch Configuration


    SNMP parameters on the switch can be modified via the switch CLI via the prefix "snmp-server ...".

    switch (config)#  snmp-server ?

    auto-refresh                   Snmpd-refresh settings

    community                      Add a new SNMP community

    contact                        Set a value for the syscontact variable in MIB-II

    enable                         Enable SNMP-related functionality

    host                           Configure hosts to which to send SNMP notifications (traps and/or informs)

    listen                         Configure SNMP server interface access restrictions

    location                       Set a value for the syslocation variable in MIB-II

    notify                         Configure SNMP notifications (traps and informs)

    port                           Set the UDP port for the SNMP agent

    user                           Configure SNMP access on a per-user basis



    For example, To change parameters such as location or  contact perform the following:

    switch (config)#snmp-server location my-location

    switch (config)#snmp-server contact my-contact



    To be able to show the switch neighbors, lldp need to be enabled on the switch:

    switch (config) # lldp





    Observium Screen Examples

    Main Screen Example:





    Port Map Example:



    Inventory Example:

    Note, that you can see all modules including cable info.










    If you are intending to use older version of Observium follow the next steps to add Mellanox switches:


    (1) Add Mellanox icon figure to /opt/observium/html/images/os

    # cd  /opt/observium/html/images/os

    # wget

    # mv Mellanox_logo_32_25.png mellanox.png


    (2) Add the following text to  /opt/observium/includes/definitions/

    // Mellanox

    $os = "mlnx-os";
    $config['os'][$os]['group']             = "mellanox";
    $config['os'][$os]['text']              = "MLNX-OS";

    $config['os'][$os]['type']              = "network";
    $config['os'][$os]['icon']              = "mellanox";
    $config['os'][$os]['snmp']['max-rep']   = 100;
    $config['os'][$os]['over'][0]['graph']  = "device_bits";
    $config['os'][$os]['over'][0]['text']   = "Traffic";
    $config['os'][$os]['over'][1]['graph']  = "device_processor";
    $config['os'][$os]['over'][1]['text']   = "CPU Usage";
    $config['os'][$os]['over'][2]['graph']  = "device_mempool";
    $config['os'][$os]['over'][2]['text']   = "Memory";

    $config['os'][$os]['sysObjectID'][]     = ".";


    Once this is done, you can safely discover and poll your network. Follow Observium documentation for that (Installation - Observium).

    #./discovery.php -h all


    #./poller.php -h all